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A Few Words About Us

We were born in Petaling Jaya in 2013 with a different character.

We unashamedly buck the trend in pursuit of the perfect solutions for our customers.A�Our team, our service & our character revolve around adding business value to you.

page2_pic1Zeeb originates from Petaing Jaya where we first began our journey in 2013. As the company grew, so did our reputation, and the need for bigger premises. Despite our change of location to Kelana Centrepoint and our expanding workforce, our character remains the same a�� to provide a superb level of excellence to enhance your business with innovative IT solutions and exemplary customer service.

Our focus is on providing your business with the tools to improve efficiency while minimising risks and underpinning growth. We pride ourselves on enhancing user experience which is the driving force in all of our developments.

As a people oriented company, we value customer satisfaction as much as our ability to provide flexible IT support. In our minds, the two go hand in hand. There are many services that we offer and our experienced business development consultants are always available to discuss the array of options that are best suited to you. We offer tailored solutions as well as bespoke IT services.

With Zeeb you can be sure that your project will be delivered on time and on budget. We see our clients as individuals, acknowledging that no two projects will be the same; a challenge that we thrive on. From our account managers to engineers, we all identify ourselves as working as part of an innovative, motivated team. Our focus on excellence runs through the veins of our company. Our business is your business.

We focus on doing so in 4 main categories;

  • underpinning your growth
  • minimising risks
  • improving efficiency
  • enhancing user experience


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