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By offering Postgres, a tested and proven database with the enterprise capabilities necessary to manage multi-model data, connect with existing systems and deploy rapidly across multiple environments, EnterpriseDB provides everything you need to succeed as a digital business.  For enterprises of all sizes, EnterpriseDB is the most complete open source based data platform for Digital Business.

EDB Postgres Platform

The EDB Postgres Platform is an enterprise-class data management platform based on the open source database PostgreSQL, complemented by tool kits for management, integration, and migration; flexible deployment options, and services and support to enable enterprises to deploy Postgres responsibly at scale.

EDB Postgres Ark DBaaS for Hybrid Cloud Deployments

Visibility, Control, Choice, Speed, and Agility. EDB Postgres Ark is the DBaaS infrastructure that makes it easy for app developers to build, deploy and maintain applications on multiple cloud infrastructures including: Amazon EC2, OpenStack and Microsoft Azure. 

EDB Support for PaaS Environments

EDB Postgres is integrated with two leading PaaS frameworks:  Pivotal’s Cloud Foundry PaaS solution and the leading containerization framework allowing customers to chose from Docker Containers using Kubernetes orchestration scripts, or a complete deployment through OpenShift V3 to provide a clustered solution for high availability and read scaling.

EDB Public Cloud DBaaS

Ease of procurement and speedy provisioning for ad-hoc and overflow database requirements with enterprise class high availability, backup and disaster recovery

EDB Postgres Subscription Plans

Customers have multiple options to access the EDB Postgres Platform subscriptions

Choose the plan that fits your needs based on the features listed below, and Contact Us to purchase.

Details: EDB Postgres™
EDB Postgres™
EDB Postgres™
Database PostgreSQL or
EDB Postgres Advanced Server
PostgreSQL EDB Postgres Advanced Server
Database License See Standard and Enterprise → PostgreSQL License Commercial License (A)
Enterprise Security Features  
Enterprise Performance Features  
Enterprise Developer Features  
Enterprise DBA Features  
Database Compatibility for Oracle®  
EDB Postgres Tool Suites for Mission Critical Applications (B)
EDB Postgres Management Suite
EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager
EDB Postgres Backup and Recovery
EDB Postgres Failover Manager
EDB Postgres Integration Suite
EDB Postgres Replication Server
EDB Postgres Data Adapters (C) HDFS (Hadoop)
HDFS (Hadoop)
HDFS (Hadoop)
EDB Postgres Migration Suite
EDB Postgres Database Migration Assessment (D)
EDB Postgres Migration Toolkit
Software Maintenance Services
Software Updates
Security Alerts / Updates
Severity 1 Bug Escalation and Hot Fix  
Technical Support Services
Deployment Usage Non-Production Systems Only Production Systems
Support Service Level 10 x 5 24 x 7 24 x 7
Initial Response Goal 48 Hours 30 Minutes 30 Minutes
Named Contacts 4 4 4
Support Modes Phone / Email / Remote Phone / Email / Remote Phone / Email / Remote
Number of Incidents Unlimited (E) Unlimited Unlimited
PostGIS (Spatial) Technical Support
Web Portal Case Management
PDF Documentation
Software Archive
Premium Technical Webcasts
Subscription Terms 1 or 3 years 1 or 3 years 1 or 3 years
Unit of Measure (UOM) uniCore (F) uniCore (F) uniCore (F)
Price per UOM per Year Contact Us
Flexible Virtual Pricing Contact Us to learn more about EDB's License Mobility and Full Capacity or Sub-Capacity Virtualization Prices.
Prices are valid for North America.  For prices in your region, please Contact us...
Discount Plans
• Multi-year Subscriptions
• Volume Pricing
• Non-Profit / Educational
Contact Us...
Download Database Software and Tools
Downloads Choose → PostgreSQL EDB Postgres Advanced Server

Notes for EDB Postgres Platform
Note (A) The EDB™ Limited Use License is free upon download and allows 60 day evaluation use of EDB Postgres Advanced Server and EDB Postgres Tools in non-production environments only. The EDB Subscription, Support and Services Agreement is available by purchase only and allows non-production use of EDB Postgres Advanced Server with EDB Postgres Tools in an EDB Postgres Developer subscription and production use in an EDB Postgres Enterprise subscription.
Note (B) All EDB Postgres Tools are licensed under the EDB Subscription, Support and Services Agreement. EDB Postgres Tools are not sold separately and are only available as part of a purchased database subscription.
Note (C) The open source versions of EDB Postgres Data Adapters must be downloaded from https://github.com/EnterpriseDB/ where they are known as Foreign Data Wrappers (FDWs). EDB's commercial Data Adapters are currently in Beta test and due for delivery in Q3 of 2016. Sign up for an early preview...
Note (D)

The EDB Postgres Database Migration Assessment Tool is included as part of an optional paid service engagement.
Note (E) An EDB Postgres Developer subscription allows a maximum of 3 open tickets in any 48 hour period.
Note (F) uniCore means either of the following: a) a processor core in a single or multi-core processor chip or b) a virtual core processor (also known as a vCore, virtual CPU or vCPU) used to assign computing resources to a virtual machine or container. uniCores may be freely de-commissioned from one deployment environment and re-deployed to another (e.g. de-commission your physical deployment and re-deploy to a virtual environment).