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Server Assessment

We offer Server Assessment. This assessment service will benefit users by getting users to know their server current status better and assessment practice will notify users on their current vulnerability and estimated lifespan of their server. 

We assess your IT and determine potential cost savings for your implementation of Virtualization 


Our consultants will have meetings with key stakeholders to understand your business drivers, IT infrastructure and your priorities.

Data collection:

We use tools and questionnaires to collect the required data for understanding your applications, IT processes and dependencies, leading to data about individual servers and their potential for virtualization.


We use a combination of tools and human analysis by our experts to analyze the data collected from the tools and interview questionnaires to arrive at overall scope for virtualization and cost savings.

Comprehensive Report:

At the end of the assessment, we provide you with a report that can be used as the primary document to implement your Virtualization strategy, The report will include:

  • ROI/TCO analysis with a description of potential savings
  • A list of servers and applications that can be virtualized
  • A roadmap to implement your virtualization strategy along with risk mitigation strategies specific to your environment

We have provided Virtualization Assessment services to several organizations, and our Virtualization Assessment report is the basis on which many virtualization projects have been rolled out.

Frontier has over a decade's experience in Virtualization and Server Consolidation. Our services have been used by over two hundred businesses for server consolidation and virtualization. We have a large team of experienced, and industry certified virtualization specialists.

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