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Preventative Maintenance

Zeeb is truly unique in the IT world because our service is our actual product: it is our business to have the right skills in the right place with the right components at the right time to meet our service commitment to you. As a leading third party maintenance provider, (TPM) we are experts at the hardware repair of serversstorage, and network equipment of virtually all brands.

Since 2013, we have delivered an unparalleled IT service experience to our clients by truly listening to their needs and going out of our way to ensure their success. In fact, our clients are often on a first name basis with their Zeeb technicians because we work together with you hand-in-hand on all of your hardware maintenance needs. We are 100% committed to giving you the highest possible service levels so your data remains always secure and readily available. Everything about our company organization supports this unwavering commitment to excellence.


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It’s no secret that in business, time is money. Sometimes, even the smallest of hardware issues could end up costing your company a small fortune in unnecessary downtime and lost productivity. That’s why we always go to great lengths to be prepared with the right personnel, equipped with the right parts, who will be in the right place right when you need them.

We take hardware server maintenance extremely seriously because we understand how important it is to your business. Zeeb technicians place great emphasis in knowing the exact configurations of your servers so that whenever a component fails, we are prepared. Furthermore, our team is also very aware of matching firmware versions to provide an exact match when replacing components.


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Every year, your business sees additional strains placed on your network from the emergence of new digital devices and advancements in your Internet of Things (IoT). It’s a great problem to have since it means that your workplace is evolving into a more efficient model, but can your equipment handle the increases in traffic?

That’s where great network maintenance from the team at Zeeb comes into play- our dedicated network technicians keep your data flowing at optimal speeds. By having personnel with the right skills equipped with the right tools and the right component we ensure that your network is always healthy and operating at peak performance, no other network maintenance provider on the planet can deliver the personalized attention and commitment to excellence that you receive from Zeeb.

A few of the network brands that we service are-

  • Cabletron
  • Cisco
  • Enterasys
  • F5
  • Juniper
  • Nortel


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There are many issues that can have a negative effect on the operation of your enterprise storage besides component failures on the array itself. Our storage professionals are adept at troubleshooting hosts and LAN switches as well as the functionality of the array components.

We feel we “own” any issue that affects your enterprise storage regardless of whether it is in our scope or not. Our staff will lead bridge meetings to get to the source of the issue and provide practical advice to quickly remedy the situation.