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Pure Storage

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ALL-FLASH FOR EVERYTHING. And we do mean everything – Tier 1, Tier 2, Dev/Test, Big Data & Analytics. Consolidate all your workloads on the Data Platform for the cloud era. With Purity and DirectFlash powering FlashArray and FlashBlade, the sky’s the limit.


Purity delivers comprehensive, Tier 1 data services to all workloads – even as it provides global flash management to your arrays. Moreover, Purity enables consistent low latency, data protection, and non-disruptive “everything” – and it’s resilience means full performance through array maintenance and failures. Need more proof of it’s power? Purity’s industry-leading data reduction is typically 2x better than the competition.

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Pure1 gives you the freedom to manage your storage globally, from anywhere. Simply login with any device to monitor your entire FlashArray and FlashBlade fleet. There’s nothing else to buy, and nothing to install. In fact, with the self-managing intelligence built in to our products, there’s really not much for you to do.

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FlashArray has a solution for every IT need – from the entry-level //M10 to the 100% NVMe, DirectFlash-enabled 1PB //X70.* Start anywhere and non-disruptively upgrade capacity and performance as needed. You can’t go wrong – every FlashArray is Evergreen.

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We’ve flipped all-flash storage on its head – again. Check out how 100% NVMe and 100% software-driven flash combine to enable unprecedented levels of performance and density in an all-flash array for mainstream Tier 1 environments.

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Modern workloads, like machine learning and Spark, are massively parallel – and designed to run on parallel computers with parallel storage for the highest performance. FlashBlade is architected from the ground-up for modern data analytics – delivering powerful cloud-era flash that’s fast, big, and simple.

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Streamlined, flexible, transformative IT helps deliver the applications and workloads to make your business better. With industry-leading technology in a Cisco Validated Design, FlashStack™ dramatically reduces IT overhead and helps you drive business impact.build flashstack and mini.png.imgw .720.720 300x263 - Pure Storage


FlashStack scales, without disruption or data migration, from the tiny “FlashStack mini” to over 160 hosts and more than a petabyte of storage. Expand incrementally, one component at a time, as business requires and budget allows. From small to large, FlashStack management remains consistent, efficient, and simple enough to be managed by IT generalists.

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