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Red Hat Cloud Suite

Quickly build the apps your business needs with a modern IT environment

Staying competitive today requires modern applications. Building those requires a modern IT, which many businesses lack. Before your developers look outside of your IT organization for solutions, check out Red Hat® Cloud Suite.

This fully open source solution for enterprises combines a container-based app-development platform, private-cloud infrastructure, public-cloud interoperability, and a common management framework. Red Hat Cloud Suite modernizes your infrastructure so developers can build services and deliver them to customers and your organization fast, and so IT can retain control and manage the environment from 1 place.

Modernize apps and run them where you need them

Get the container-based application platform you need to build modern apps. Then run workloads in containers or virtual machines (VMs) on a variety of platforms.

Update your infrastructure

On top of what you have, build an easy-to-manage, complete OpenStack® Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) private cloud to deliver public cloud-like scalability and speed up service delivery.

Integrate all the parts you need into 1 solution

We've tightly integrated cloud technologies so you don't have to piece together a solution. Fully supported components work together seamlessly to help you build cloud environments, write apps, and maintain integrated management, governance, and workload portability.

Manage your IT environment from a single place

Use the same management tool across virtualization, private cloud, app-development platform, containers, and public cloud.

redhat cloud suite - Red Hat Cloud Suite